SOPE Examination 2021

(SOPE) Examination | Subjects For Written Examination For Section Officers Promotional

SOPE 2021 – Section Officer Promotional Examination Syllabus and Course Guideline – DOWNLOAD PDF HERE

(1) Compulsory Papers


Paper-I: Essay (50 Marks               Time: 2 Hours)

Paper III: General Knowledge

100 Marks           Time: 03 Hours

1.       Everyday science                                (20 Marks)

2.       Islamiat                                                   (20 Marks)      

3.       Pakistan affairs                                    (20 Marks)

4.       Current affairs                                      (20 Marks)

The Non-Muslim candidates have the option either to take/attempt Islamiat portion of Paper-III or Otherwise the marks obtained by then in the portion of Pakistan Affairs shall be treated as out of 50 Marks in lieu of both Islamiat and Pakistan Affairs

Paper II: English ( Précis and Composition)

(100 Marks                                                          Time:03 Hours)

Précis                                             =                    30 Marks

Comprehension                         =                    30 Marks

Grammar                                      =                    40 Marks

Paper –IV: Specialized Paper for Office Management – I

100 Marks                                                             Time: 03 Hours

(i)      Human Resource Management                     (30 Marks)

(ii)    Basic Concepts of Quality Management     (20 Marks)

(iii)   Information Technology and use of MS Office                                                                                    (20 Marks)

(iv)  General Financial Rules Vol. I and Vol. II,

system of Financial Control and Budgeting,      (30 Marks)

Role of Public Accounts Committee.

Paper-V: Specialized Paper for Office Management-II

100 Marks                                                            Time: 03 Hours

(i)      Civil Servant Act 1973 and Rules made there

under                                                                     (20 Marks)

(ii)    Federal Public Service Commission Ordinance

 1977 and Rules made there under           (20 Marks)

(iii)   Rules of Business 1973                           (20 Marks)

(iv)  Secretariat Instructions and Office Procedures

(v)    Public Sector Companies (Corporate

Governance) Rules 2013                                (10 Marks)

(vi)  PPRA Ordinance and Rules 2004         (10 Marks)

(2) Optional Subjects/Papers

Candidates are required to select two optional subjects, carrying 100 marks each, one from each of the following groups:

Code No.


Each subject carries 100 marks

Opt only one subject from this box

Code No.


Each subject carries 100 marks

Opt only one subject from this box


Accountancy and Auditing


Constitutional Law including Constitution of Pakistan


Basic Mathematics and Statistics


English Literature


Business Administration




Computer Science


History of Pakistan and India


Development Economics


History of USA


Economy of Pakistan


International Relations


Public Administration


Political Science

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  1. Muhammad Aftab

    i want the syllabus of Public Administration and Political for SOPE 2021. If you may guide me thanks

    1. for PA u may like to go through Sultan Khattak old book as there are maximum topic covered. for political science u may c Punjab University MA books

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