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General Science and Ability is an easy but a tricky compulsory subject of CSS. General Science and Ability is an easy but a tricky compulsory subject of CSS. General Science and Ability is an easy but a tricky compulsory subject of CSS. General Science and Ability is an easy but a tricky compulsory subject of CSS. General Science and Ability is an easy but a tricky compulsory subject of CSS.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

General Science and Ability is highly scoring subject. Student can score up to 85+ marks if they properly prepare and practice it. As everyone knows that General Science and Ability syllabus comprise of two parts General Science (60 marks) and General Ability (40 marks). Examiner asks 20 MCQs that are mainly from science portion only. It is advised that student must focus on each part separately. It is recommended that MCQs must be prepared from a separate book. Similarly, it is recommended that students must do extensive reading from variety of sources will help them to increase their about knowledge subject. As far as ability part is concerned student are advised to practice, practice and practice. Students must select at least five question of each category and solve these with your own hand.

No doubt, General Science and Ability by Mian Shafiq is the best seller in the market and it comprehensively covers the whole syllabus. However, students are advised to read science pages in the newspaper and consult Matric/Inter or O/A level books for basic understanding of the subject. To fetch high marks in General Ability students are advised to solve all the exercises given the book written by Mian Shafiq.

Students are always advised to do smart study not selective study. Now the question is that what is meant by smart study? Students must go through the whole syllabus once and then fine tune the areas and questions frequently asked in past papers of General Science and Ability. A critical analysis of General Science and Ability past papers clearly shows that examiner is asking questions from average, percentage and ratios almost every year. Logical reasoning and analytical ability are also favorite topic of the examiner.

Therefore, students must analyze and solve Past papers of General Science and ability and give special attention to those areas.

This is a question that majority of the students ask. While I was a student, I never felt myself confused about it. The length of the question depends on the type of question. In 1990s and 2000s examiner used to ask question about abbreviations, scientific abbreviations, reasoning questions and comparisons. These types of questions can be solved on a single page or may be answered in one line.

On the other hand, the students need to understand the statement of question properly. If an examiner ask that enlist various hormones released by pituitary gland, they need to enlist only, no need to write function or other information. On average a five marks question can be easily manage in 2 to 3 pages.

Student are advised to strictly follow the directions given by the examiner. Lead pencil is not allowed by the examiner, therefore, don’t use it. Moreover, use blue and black color pencils only.

In General Science and Ability specifically and in other subjects generally; diagrams, charts and maps play a vital role in getting good score. It is easy to communicate idea to the examiner through diagrams. Therefore, students are recommended to include figures, tables, charts, maps and equations, wherever possible. In General Science and Ability paper use of scientific lexicon/terminology is also very important.

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